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Fullcare Testing and Servicing

All our service engineers are Fullwood “Full Care” trained and are certified to provide the following

·       An annual test and service on the milking parlour, after which a certificate will be issued to confirm the milking parlour has passed the ISO standards.


·       Six monthly  interim test and full service on the milking parlour.


·       As part of our test and service we feel it is important to replace any serviceable items which are over 50% worn. This helps reduce the number of breakdowns between each service.

This is just a guide to the items that are checked on a Fullcare Test  and Service


·        Vacuum pump

·        Vacuum system

·        Pulsation system

·        Claw condition

·        Meter check

·        A.C.R check

·        Milk pump check

·        Rubber ware check

·        Comprehensive report

·        Checks for static and dynamic testing